Land A New Lucrative Job in Tech. No Previous Technical Experience Required.

TECHIETUDE is on a mission to help you start a brand new career in the tech field & become successful at it.

We provide you a 1-1 personalized human support. Helping you discover tech opportunities & the needed skills required to land you the dream job you've always wanted.

Today's intelligent world reveals everything is connected. What role do you play?

Upcoming Coaching & Mentorship Program

Take a look at our different coaching & mentorship programs  that are guaranteed to land you  mouth-watering job options. We love options😊 and want you to have options as well after the program. 

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Systems & Cloud Security

Information Security is not an option. It is mandatory for every business that make use of the internet in today's world. Organizations have also realized how flexible and efficient the cloud is, hence, the demand for skilled individuals. By the end of this program, you will become competent to perform hybrid roles that are lucrative in the tech field.

data scientist

Data Science & Business Analytics

Breaking into the tech field is easier than unboxing a new gadget. Yup, I really mean it. I will show you how easy it is with this data science and business analytics coaching program.

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Salesforce/ServiceNow/Enterprise Asset Management

You've got little or zero background in the tech field. You will be setting yourself up for disaster if you do not consider some fundamental knowledge you need to acquire before starting out. With the right tools & expert guidance, you can quickly develop skills that will fund your dreams.

We offer you additional support after landing a job to further accelerate your career growth at zero cost.

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About Chioma Ilo

Chioma is the founder of  TECHIETUDE. She is a cybersecurity consultant, entrepreneur and a tech career coach.

Started as a blogger, her transition to tech was challenging but one filled with several experiences…


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Tech Resource

At some point you’ll need access to the right resource to either help you get started or navigate through your tech career challenges . Our resource center will always be updated to help you scale through your tech challenges.