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Wolf portrait siding vs hardie board. Of course, one of the best ways to conduct a comparison between James Hardie and GAF siding products is to speak . Hardie board. If you are searching for timeless beauty and . In contrast, Certainteed fiber cement usually costs between $5 to $10 per square foot to install. It’s color that lasts. There are many brands (Hardie,LP, etc. Vinyl siding costs about $2. James Hardie is a well-recognized fiber cement siding that boasts exceptional durability and curb appeal. 3. This is one of the worst problems with Hardie siding considering it’s not an option. Hardie Board is a material that looks like cedar but is a lot more durable. This means they periodically require re-painting to maintain a beautiful appearance. Fiber cement is not perfect but is generally friendlier to the environment. Cost . Get Started Today! (816) 208-9558. Vinyl siding can be backed with foam sheathing or insulation, providing greater exterior thickness. On average, Hardie siding costs about $7-9. Although it does need to be painted every 8-10 years, this cement board is widely accepted as a durable and reliable siding product. However, the siding is 90 percent sand and cement. Aluminum siding is one of the most cost-effective kinds of siding out there. The costs associated with installing Hardie board can be viewed as both a pro and a con. Sometimes less is more. Steel siding vs. 25 per square foot. Why Hire Us for Hardie; Why Hardie – Intro; Why Hardie – Durability; Why Hardie – Low Maintenance; Why Hardie – Design; Why Hardie – Warranty . 5 years – which give homeowners the choice to change the color of the home without the worries of frequent paint jobs. Siding with James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology finishes performs better over time than third-party pre-finished engineered wood. house with Hardie siding is $12,000-18,000. This is likely due to the weight of the siding as cement board is a heavier product than vinyl. Hardie board and vinyl sidings require very little maintenance, which will save you cost in the long run. $3 to $7. The time it takes to install Wolf Portrait Siding is typically less than that associated with wood siding as well. Continuing its innovative product tradition, Wolf has developed a new siding category that transforms the time-tested performance of high-density cellular decking into a unique, beautiful and ultra-durable siding. Despite the extra dollar per square foot, James Hardie continues to provide the #1 return on investment . James Hardie Trim is the clear winner when it comes to durability! Elite Home Exteriors NW uses James Hardie Trim board for all corners, window trim, door trim and bellybands. 5 to $12 per square foot). 20 a square foot. Vinyl, wood, hardie board, and stucco are all common choices, but deciding which of these materials will serve you best can be much harder than most people think. James Hardie provides a 30-year, non-prorated, transferable warranty. This is partly because the heavier boards cost more to transport, hence more shipping costs. Vinyl siding is significantly less expensive than hardie boards. Hardie board siding costs anywhere from $1 to $6 per square foot of material installed on a home. James Hardie Fiber Cement Lap Siding by AMEK. Hardie siding does not have a good R-value for insulation; however, it compensates for this by being eco-friendlier than vinyl siding. For a low maintenance siding solution, choose James Hardie fiber cement siding . Because it is essentially plastic, it melts quickly when exposed to a direct flame. HardieShingle siding has the appearance of cedar shingles. Though different, we found common variables in certain regions, allowing us to engineer the HZ5® product line for zones 1 through 5 and the HZ10 . $5 to $10. 34 and $ 11. Calgary homes come in many shapes and sizes, and the siding used for different houses varies greatly too. Our baked-on ColorPlus Technology finishes resist fading, chipping and cracking, meaning less maintenance for you. If you plan to remain in your home for years and can make the investment, Hardie Board siding is a winner. HardiePlank siding is the most popular and comes in a smooth finish or textured to mimic wood. AMEK Exteriors regularly uses fiber cement products from James Hardie on their projects. The siding line also offers EnduraDry™, a high-density cellular structure that makes it moisture-resistant even in the wettest climates. The fact is that not all of these materials Made out of a mixture of wood pulp and synthetic polymers, LP Smartside siding is designed to thrive in all types of weather conditions. On average, GAF siding prices range from $99 to $151 for a bundle of siding shingles. About Hardie ® Panel Vertical Siding. While the ColorPlus boards come in only 33 preset colors, with primed boards, your options are almost countless, so you can get . 50 per square foot The bottom line in our Fiber Cement siding vs. While stucco materials and labor averages $5. Vinyl. For example, if the expected ROI on siding were 75% for a project that originally cost $10,000, then the installation of new siding would increase the home’s sale price by about $7,500. The cement board siding brings many of the qualities of a masonry exterior to homes, and it is one of the most popular choices for replacing leaking stucco. This does not include the cost of removal of the old siding or the addition of insulation. . ) Realistic Woodgrain Texture. With primed boards, more color choices are accessible. 5 per sq. Corners, trim, and window casings are installed last. I've installed hardie decorative shakes but not hardie-board itself. Hardie Board Siding. It's not rocket science. Metal siding and Hardie Board siding can both provide a longer-lasting product than traditional materials, and can both be used to create a wide range of modern styles and colors as well. The material also includes fly ash. 2022 Hardie Plank Siding Cost. If you don’t know, Hardie is a cement based product that mimics the look of traditional wood siding. In fact, James Hardie fiber cement siding was named the “Greenest Siding Brand” on Green Building Media’s Readers’ choice survey six years in a row. Eco-Friendliness —Hardie Board is more eco-friendly than vinyl siding. There are many reasons why Hardie siding makes sense for your home. 00 per square foot. HardiePlank, the classic, flagship James Hardie product, is a simple 5/16-inch thick by 12-foot long lap siding, in widths ranging from 4-inch to 8 1/4-inch. Heavy-gauge vinyl siding can be 0. Vinyl siding costs range from $3 to $6 per square foot. March 8, 2016 Doug Bennett. Hardie Plank will cost you about $9 or more. Putting shake siding in the peaks (or gables) of houses has been a very popular way to dress up the front of the house for curb appeal. Hardie comes in many different sizes and styles. Soft and easily damaged. Hardie Board siding withstands the elements with ease. 5/sq. Must be primed before painted. 70 to $5. Lifetime Cost. Wolf Portrait™ High-Density Cellular™ Siding. This means that vinyl siding is about 2 1/2 times thinner than HardiePlank. Mold will grow if you leave water or moisture inside your wood siding. Cost. 1500 Sq Ft. Wolf Portrait Siding features an authentic wood-grain texture that provides significant moisture protection, even in the wettest conditions. Choosing the suitable siding material will drastically improve your home . 4. From curb appeal to durability, Good . ) to bid. It is made from more sustainable materials and doesn’t require the use of fossil fuels like vinyl siding does. #3. James Hardie fiber cement siding costs about $10. HardiPanel is vertical siding with a rustic board-and-batten appearance. Where vinyl siding comes with a 25-years of warranty, there the Hardie Board comes with 30-50 years of warranty. This Australian-based company is known for their fiber cement product, Hardie Board. Board and Batten siding was made out of wood hundreds of years ago. SmartSiding comparison is this: James Hardie fiber cement siding gives homeowners longer-lasting results for your money over time than LP SmartSiding. Primed siding from James Hardie is exactly what it sounds like — it is primed at the factory and ready to be painted once properly installed on your home. 01 per square foot to install whereas fiber cement costs $3. GAF siding products are sold through authorized dealers, though some of its product lines are also sold at retailers such as Home Depot locations. With SmartSide, you figure the costs of materials and installation at about $9. So, Hardie is clearly 2½ to 3 times thicker. 00 per square foot for siding and all trim accessories; HardiePlank installation: $6. In the early 90s, our first team entered the ring: James Hardie. Stucco is a natural product that provides the best insulation, meaning it keeps heat out in the winter and traps it inside during the summer. Is LP cheaper than Hardie? Hardie Board Siding Cost vs LP Smart Side LP is cheaper because both the materials and labor cost less than James Hardie. I've seen the look of both and like them equally. If you were to replace siding on an average size home of 1,500 square feet, you could expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $9,000 in total installation and replacement costs. 50 to $5. Move over Hulk Hogan, it’s time for the Kansas City siding showdown. Wolf Siding is over 800% thicker than vinyl siding which is flimsy, brittle, and cracks easily. 60 to $9. Hardie board siding installation costs will vary based on the design and . It is known for its strength, durability, and longevity. 00 – 17. Hardie boardift. For the James Hardie siding, after material and installation, the cost averages around $10 per square foot, but can also range between $7. On average, Hardie siding costs $7-9. Painting: Hardie board siding is known to retain paint longer than wood. Because it is moisture-resistant, it never swells or rots so the paint never peels, chips or cracks. Because of the assured quality of Hardie board siding, it costs more on average to get it on your home. It’s a lot more durable than wood, and doesn’t swell, warp, or crack, so it tends to last a lot longer without needing repair. It has an earthy look to it, with imperfections that only add to its charm. Commonly known as fiber cement siding, this product is made up of water, wood pulp, sand, and Portland cement. James Hardie; Siding; Stone Veneer; Shutters & Ventilation; Roofing; Windows & Skylights; Stucco Remediation; James Hardie Siding. Wolf Portrait comes in various natural-looking colors and styles, so you can select siding that matches your personality. 00 to $9. Hardie Plank is also resistant to salt-spray from the ocean—impressive! Can be manufactured to resemble other types of siding material, such as cedar shingles, wood shake, and wood plank siding. It withstands rain, hail, high winds, storms, snow, ice, harsh humidity, and temperature changes. HardiePlank vs. This estimate includes materials and installation. Hardie board siding runs about $0. Paint lasts much longer – 15 years vs. Since the material is mostly sand and cement, it is fire-resistant. Yet, the price of LP SmartSide siding can range between $5. Hardie board is an exterior siding composed of cement and fiber materials. Wolf Siding’s thick planks and Infinity Seam Technology give it the appearance of real wood clapboard. Other types of Hardie, such as Hardie lap . Cost Per Sq. I install vinyl siding for a living and have worked very little with hardie-board. Those who choose Hardie Board can expect to pay $5 to $15 a square foot after material and labor costs. The price for materials equals $1 and $15 per square foot. without any complex architectural details will cost $13,650 – $17,350. HardiePanel. A typical house will cost between $8,000 and $13,800 for installation of Hardie board by a licensed contractor. In reality, James Hardie is the manufacturer for one brand of fiber cement siding and there are plenty of other manufacturers. Combine with Hardie® Trim Boards for a rustic board-and-batten look. Hardie Board Siding’s warranty is 30 years. On average, homeowners expect to pay between $5,996 and $16,513 in total, with the national average totalling a little over $11,000. Or, go for the more minimalist look of simple vertical lines. This makes the average installation costs for Allura between $4 and $8 a square foot, while installation costs for James Hardie range between $4. 046 inches thick. This is why Hardie Board is the #1 siding . Outstanding durability. You can use Reply! to help you contact local siding contractors who have that . Hardie Board siding also has a high ROI and can boost your home’s resale value. Compared to the cost of metal siding, Hardie Board seems to be slightly less when it comes to upfront costs. It is resilient to temperature changes and wet climates. Hardie board siding typically comes with a 30-50-year warranty, compared to the 25-year average for vinyl. James Hardie siding is made from a combination of cement materials and cellulose fibers. Again, you can provide foam sheathing or insulation to add even greater thickness to the back. The “Aspyre” Collection includes lap siding made of extra thick boards for deeper shadows. Engineered wood siding painted by third-party pre-finishers can show paint . 00 a square foot for materials and installation. Wood siding needs regular, ongoing maintenance because moisture can damage it. installed, where as LP costs about $5. However, when compared to James Hardie siding, it tends to falter in absurdly humid conditions. Meanwhile, you’re looking at spending $20,000 for a Hardie board siding installation ($10 to $32 per board). Installation of vinyl runs from $3 to $7 for each square foot, while fiber-cement siding installation is two to three dollars more per square foot. Only show this user. 50 to $12. The Cost. Lower Price Point —Vinyl siding has a lower price point than Hardie Board, but it doesn’t carry the life span of Hardie Board siding. Hardie board, on the other hand, is a bit more expensive up front, but typically lasts longer than aluminum siding. Will need to be replaced eventually. ft. Everlast Advanced Composite Siding costs in Massachusetts can be anywhere between $15. This is because most vinyl warranties offer 50 years of coverage that is often marketed as a ‘lifetime warranty’. The average Hardie plank installation costs $10 per square foot, which is on the higher end. Wolf Portrait Siding is engineered to replicate the beauty of natural wood without its inherent maintenance and features an authentic high-definition woodgrain texture that creates stunning detail and the subtle shadowing of painted wood. For some, pricing may be a crucial factor when choosing a house siding. 00 a square foot to install, Hardie board siding comes in at an average of $10. Difference between Vinyl Siding and Hardie Siding. I assume hardie plank is twice the material cost vs. Material Thickness. average Vinyl siding? For a 1,500 square foot new construction ranch vinyl siding came in between $13k-$15k. installed, where as LP siding costs $5. 50 per square foot About Hardie ® Panel Vertical Siding. installed. The color also tends to last longer . USE IT FOR: Works well with farmhouse-style or modern homes. Often comes with an attractive 20-40-year limited warranty. This is reasonable, considering that . 50 and $13. Wolf Portrait Siding is also the only siding available with proprietary ColorWatch100™ technology, which provides superior protection against fading. The difference isn’t significant for small-scale developments. Check it out!https:/. It can be painted or repainted. Vinyl siding is far thinner than HardiePlanks at between 0. Royal Celect siding only offers 20 colors. The difference, as you might see, is quite prominent. While hardie board will need painting and re-caulking every 5 to 10 years, vinyl doesn’t need any. In reality, Hardie painting siding offers many advantages that ColorPlus does not do. Thus, installing Hardie Board siding on a one story house of 1,600 sq. If you don’t paint the siding every 7-10 years, on average, it’ll start to fade and/or peel, crack or chip. 2 inch-thick, whereas vinyl siding is only 0. And there are definite benefits when choosing James Hardie Primed siding: More colors — Because ColorPlus boards get their tint in the factory, they are limited to 33 preset colors. Fiber cement siding products are painted. With the heaviness of the James Hardie cement siding, figure in the added material and costs of installation. The Cost of Installing Hardie vs Certainteed. On average, vinyl siding installation costs about $11,500 ($3. James Hardie Siding. Hardie® siding is available in a texture that has the classic, natural appearance of cedar, while providing you with more benefits. Fiber Cement. Hardie board is more like real wood. If you choose Nichiha, you will pay a bit less than $8. The price per square foot factors in materials and labor. If this occurs, you’ll have to pay for costly repairs if you want your siding to look good again. While LP and Hardie siding have some similarities, there are some definite differences that tend to sway us to favor one over the other. a Hardie board. Across the US, LP Smart siding costs 25-35% less than James Hardie. Cost of Hardie Board vs Stucco. A Product with Better Cost Transparency. The average cost to reside a 1,500 sq. Type. Hardie siding: This is not intended to be an end-all-be-all article on LP SmartSide vs Hardie, rather a brief primer and opinionated look at what I like about LP SmartSide over Hardie. Polymer siding can become brittle with age and exposure to the elements. It resists moisture penetration, saving . tt/2qWKtWx Hardieplank is a brand name for the product but there are other manufacturers making similar materials. We based The HardieZone System on the eight individual climatic variables that primarily affect long-term performance of siding. What do you think I would cost for James Hardie Cement siding? 👍Fiber-concrete siding is 50 year product. Though the dollar doesn’t seem like a massive . As for the brands Nichiha and Hardie, the cost per square foot doesn’t differ much in both brands. Today, if we achieved this chic look with wood, it would require high maintenance, and risk termite infestation or water penetration. But as Hardie Board is much denser and is thicker than the vinyl siding, it tends to last a bit longer. Cons of Wolf Portrait Siding A Product with Better Cost Transparency. One of the most popular home siding options on the market, James Hardie is a type of fiber cement that is famous for its distinct look and gorgeous array of colors. It’s around 0. LP SmartSide siding is made from wood strands coated with wax. On face value, vinyl siding warranties may appear to be superior when compared to the Hardieplank siding warranty. Cellulose fiber is made with ethers or esters of cellulose, which comes from plants, leaves, wood and bark. Unlike vinyl siding, Hardie siding is known for its positive impact on the planet. Though there is a difference with the added dollar, a return . As for the LP SmartSide, you should expect to pay an average of $9 per square foot, after material and installation. On the other hand, you can purchase vinyl siding that has an extra layer of insulation thereby making it more energy . Along with being somewhat limited in colors, it is limited in panel options. This makes the installation of 2,000 square feet of Allura siding about $15,640 and Hardiplank about $17,280, assuming the same style and reveal of siding was used. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can find the perfect look for your home. This is comparable to the cost of good quality wood siding, such as cedar or redwood, and a . No Warranty. FREE Estimate Hardie painting siding can also provide your home with an excellent choice. At Good Guys Contracting, we’ve been telling you about James Hardie siding for a long time. 040 and . Factory-painted Hardie siding will cost about 5-7% more. Stucco & Hardie Board. 00 per square foot; whereas the costs of James Hardie siding come to about $10 per square foot. 040 inches in dimension. Ft. HardiePlank comes in a variety of through-body colors that are already baked in. This type of siding is moisture and termite resistant and very popular in construction today. 5 – 7. The same applies in determining between vinyl siding vs. Costs vary between locations around the country and the climate but do not change greatly. James Hardie offers a long warranty on their . It is notable for its drying flexibility. Made from impressions of real cedar siding, the beautifully embossed woodgrain texture is commonly mistaken for . Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 16, 2008. 75. The price of vinyl siding is slightly lower per square foot than cement board. This difference amounts to thousands of dollars! LP is cheaper because both the materials and labor cost less than Hardie siding. 00 per square foot, after factoring in the cost of materials and installation. Using these factors we arrived at ten distinct climatic zones. Louisiana Pacific (LP) SmartSide joined the ring seven years later, and the fight was on. Wood Window Trim Dry Rot. Labor runs between $2 and $5 per square foot. Wolf Portrait is thicker than vinyl and won’t crack easily. Made out of a mixture of wood pulp and synthetic polymers, LP Smartside siding is designed to thrive in all types of weather conditions. James Hardie products have set the standard for fiber cement siding and the terms “Hardie Board” or “Hardie Plank” have become synonymous with “fiber cement” products. Since James Hardie siding is slightly heavier than SmartSide, this increases the material and installation costs. This siding is so durable that it lasts longer than almost any other type of siding you can select for your home. It comes in various colors and different texture options. The labor cost ranges from $4 to $10 per square foot. Full-Service Exterior Remodeler #1 Home Renovation Experts. Fiber cement siding costs $5 to $25 per square foot, including materials and labor. James Hardie Summit; Testimonials; Blog; Projects; Services. We believe in this fiber cement siding product, and that’s why we’re a James Hardie siding preferred contractor. Nonetheless, LP Smartside offers a 50-year warranty on all of its siding. If you want lifetime siding, then you simply choose a Hardie installer that can show certification. This is enough to cover the basics; however, compared to LP and James Hardie you do not have endless choices or a custom color option. Apart from the fact that the Hardie Board is dense and thick, it is also . 00 dollars per square foot. I'd still choose this product over a composite material any day. When compared to wood siding, which can swell, warp, crack, and need regular maintenance in terms of scraping and painting, Hardie Board can seem like a much better alternative. 05-inches thick. Eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. In lower income areas, homeowners may pay . This could lead to a total cost of anywhere from $4,700 to $13,300. Of course, one of the best ways to conduct a comparison between James Hardie and GAF siding products is to speak diretly with a contractor who has used either or both product lines. For another Hardie advantage, I’ve always thought Hardie’s shakes look better than the LP shakes. Since cement board siding is so durable to pests and rot, repair is rarely needed and unlike other siding, hardie plank will never deteriorate. We remodeled about 10 years ago and I installed more Hardie board to match the original Hardie siding (which is now 20 years old); it's all just fine. HardiePlank cost: $2. Wolf Portrait Siding is available in two collections . Hardie and others make fiber cement siding in a variety of shapes – 1) lap siding, the traditional long horizontal boards, 2) shingle, the ones that look like cedar shakes, and 3) panels, more of a vertical board and . It requires minimal upkeep but can last for years. James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding costs vary a little more since there are a variety of different kinds. Additionally, the cost per square foot includes Everlast’s PVC trim for all windows, doors, facia, and rakes. It keeps looking amazing and performing its job of protecting your home in spite of its direct contact with the elements 24/7. It will cost you between $5 and $10 per square foot to have Hardiplank (or Hardie board) installed. Unlike wood, James Hardie fiber cement is specifically formulated to better resist the damaging effects of sun, moisture, extreme temperatures, pests, and fire. Comparing the two, however, vinyl siding has an advantage. Get Low Maintenance, Durable Board and Batten Siding Materials. It’s easy to care for, so if you maintain it properly, you’ll likely get 30-40 years out of your aluminum siding. Fiber cement siding is fade-resistant, low-maintenance, and extremely durable. I want to know what people think are the advantages and disadvantages of both. Siding cost. Low. Hardie’s shake has a laid back cape cod look on both their straight-edge and staggered edge version. The major difference between Hardieplank . ft. An added benefit is that Wolf Portrait Siding’s ColorWatch100 . Soaks in Water/Moisture.

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